Who are we?

Well, the story starts way back in the good old days when internet was only the talk of the rich and it took 5 seconds to display the G in Google on the google homepage - aka 2002. 4 dreamy eyed kids entered the college years for an undergrad in Computer Science. After a couple of years, those dreamy eyes turned into squint eyes with bags hanging under them tired from all the gaming and studying and movie watching. Wiping the creamy/crispy-yellowish shit out of our eyes in morning before getting on with the day was by now a daily routine. Every day brought nothing new with it, the same old crap. Until finally we were thrown out of college in 2006, with a degree in our hands and a lot of crap in our heads.

And why the whole noise about rakoFi?

We asked ourselves, so what did we learn at college - apart from disaster management ofcourse. A whole load of things, right from how to fix our shitty new desktop assembled by the local computer waala to achieving 30% speed-up in querying very large XML databases! But so what? Who gave a rats' ass about it? Heck, we didnt care enough about it either. All we knew was, there were still problems around us in the real world, and we needed to do something about it.

So we took the first problem that struck us. Right before leaving college, we had to leave behind items worth over Rs. 15000 in our hostel rooms as we had no one to sell them or hand them over to. There was so much that could be re-used that was still in good condition - but no forum to advertise it on. At least not for free! That summer we decided nstead of lying on our butts all day, we would do something about it - to help all the college people out there who, like us, always wanted to save on their monthly expenditure or make that quick buck! Thus was born rakoFi! Well ok, we lied, the idea was born then, but the name came later!

Go ahead and meet the team yourself!

Ashish Virmani

The Bossman

Ashish Virmani

This fella is the Punjabi Munda who has surprisingly many interests in life - Flickr, Google, Orkut, Meebo, YouTube, Windows MovieMaker, Adobe Photoshop - yea you guessed it - he is the most creative one among us! Currently at Cornell, pusuing an MEng in Computer Science, he dreams about rakoFi changing the scene of Indian e-commerce industry every night.
Email: virmani {ldelim}dot{rdelim} ashish {ldelim}at{rdelim} gmail {ldelim}dot{rdelim} com

Rahul Thathoo

The Leuitenant

Rahul Thathoo

A trained football player, thinks he was a Leuitenant in the 2nd Rajputana Rifles in his last birth, who died fighting for his country. Currently, pursuing an MS in Computer Science from Stanford. His long term goal is to play football for India, putting that degree in Computer Science to real good use! Aajkal, zabardasti made to sit through boring lectures, he constantly devises strategies to ensure rakoFi reaches every college going boy and girl in the country. Gurukant Desai is his idol!
Email: rahul {ldelim}at{rdelim} rakofilabs {ldelim}dot{rdelim} com

Shekhar Suman

The GeekGod

The God of Small Things

Ever heard of the saying - "Good things come in small packages" - this describes him best. This God of small things is seldom seen away from his computer, hacking away at state of the art in computer science to make rakoFi a cutting edge product in the Indian internet space. Has fallen in love umpteenth number of times and is currently pursuing Masters in Information Networking at Carnegie Mellon University.
Email: shekhar {ldelim}at{rdelim} rakofilabs {ldelim}dot{rdelim} com

Suchit Agarwal

The Procrastinator

Suchit Agarwal

If you have 24 hours to finish a job, rest assured Suchit will start it at the 23rd hour, but will finish it in less time than Michael Schaumacher! He is the Bunty, who can single handedly bust you without you having even realized it! Though currenlty a researcher at EPFL, Switzerland, most of his time is spent working on rakoFi ensuring quality to the user.
Email: suchit {ldelim}at{rdelim} rakofilabs {ldelim}dot{rdelim} com